New Velo Version Released… Offbeat Otter!

It is once again time to release some software: a new version we affectionately call Offbeat Otter (or Otter for short) has officially hit the Internet and app stores! We spent our time working on stuff that won’t make the product look a whole lot different, but will make it nicer, faster, and more efficient. It will also set the stage for us to make some pretty awesome improvements in the weeks and months to come.

For example:

  • We made numerous fixes to improve the app load- and run-time performance
  • We updated our infrastructure for doing push messages (notifications) – this means more flexibility for upcoming features to make the app easier to use
  • We overhauled our authentication infrastructure, due to looming deadlines with some of our third-party providers
  • We vastly improved how we handle image thumbnails in the app, meaning less network use and faster app response time
  • Link previews no longer show by default in the app, giving you more control how content appears in the group message lists

We’re really pleased with this release, and hopefully you notice the differences!

Velo still has all these cool features:

Velo Features.png

If you haven’t tried Velo, you can visit our web site for the download links:


-The Velo Team

Velo in the Chronicle Herald

A very good piece on Velo by Entrevestor’s Peter Moreira.

Eventually we said, “Let’s make a 21st century messaging system.”

Velo operates on the principle that people don’t like emails because they’re cumbersome and inefficient.

What Velo has done is create a messaging service in which a small business can communicate easily with its team, clients or other stakeholders. It allows a simple addition of names and lets the users determine their groups. Lawyers, designers, contractors or mentors can all slot into their own groups, and users can create Velo groups for special projects

Velo on iPhone - (c) 2017 Velo Industries.png

Velo Industries is on a mission to revolutionize messaging for business. Grab Velo today (for iOSAndroid and Chrome) and start enjoying the future. Your clients and team will love you for it.

Celebrate International Women’s Day

IWD 2017 - Velo Industries - All rights reserved.png.001.jpeg

On this IWD, we’re asking you
to #BeBoldForChange

Here’s a few ways Velo can help you conquer your International Women’s Day goals:

  • Polls allow your group-member’s voices to be heard
  • Checklists can help you organize your next campaign against violence
  • Events notify your volunteer group about the next fundraiser or gathering
  • Countdowns get your group excited to celebrate their hard work

Velo wants to help you create a more inclusive, gender-equal world. We believe in the world-changers. Download & put Velo to work today, on iPhone or Android.