New Velo Version Released… Offbeat Otter!

It is once again time to release some software: a new version we affectionately call Offbeat Otter (or Otter for short) has officially hit the Internet and app stores! We spent our time working on stuff that won’t make the product look a whole lot different, but will make it nicer, faster, and more efficient. It will also set the stage for us to make some pretty awesome improvements in the weeks and months to come.

For example:

  • We made numerous fixes to improve the app load- and run-time performance
  • We updated our infrastructure for doing push messages (notifications) – this means more flexibility for upcoming features to make the app easier to use
  • We overhauled our authentication infrastructure, due to looming deadlines with some of our third-party providers
  • We vastly improved how we handle image thumbnails in the app, meaning less network use and faster app response time
  • Link previews no longer show by default in the app, giving you more control how content appears in the group message lists

We’re really pleased with this release, and hopefully you notice the differences!

Velo still has all these cool features:

Velo Features.png

If you haven’t tried Velo, you can visit our web site for the download links:


-The Velo Team