Available now - Official Velo User Guide - Velo Industries - Aug 7 2017.pngWe’re delighted to announce the publishing of The Official Velo User Guide. It’s full of tips and techniques to help you use Velo to build your business and serve your clients and customers. The Guide is in PDF and you can download it here.

We’ll be publishing excerpts over the next week, but you can start with this summary of benefits:

Peek - Official Velo User Guide - Velo Industries - Aug 7 2017.png

How Velo Grows Your Business - extract from UG - Aug 7 2017.png

Haven’t tried Velo yet? Give it a go! It takes just 5 seconds to join and we don’t collect email addresses. Go here with your Chrome browser and enjoy!

Velo Industries is on a mission to revolutionize messaging for business. Grab Velo today (for iOSAndroid and Chrome) and start enjoying the future. Your clients and team will love you for it.

Announcing: The Official Velo User Guide