Beat Your Email Monster

Email is a monster. It’s an outdated technology from the 80s that struggles in the 21st century. Here are some of the BEST ways that Velo will get rid of your email headaches:

1. No more continuity confusion. 

Here’s the scenario: You’re in a group email thread and your inbox is BLOWING UP. The conversation is moving along well enough…until Randy chimes in. He just came back from lunch, so he’s getting caught up. But rather than read the entire thread before responding, he’s decided to share his opinions as he goes. The result? A jumbled conversation that leaves everyone confused about whose message Randy is responding to, or what topic he’s even onThanks, Randy.
With Velo, your messages post in sequence. So there’s no butting in and leaving responses to random threads throughout. That means clarity. (Lookin’ at you, Randy.)

2. Wait, where did everybody go?

Speaking of group email threads – have you ever been in one when someone accidentally hit ‘reply’ instead of ‘reply all’? Suddenly, you’re out of the loop until the sender (or the person who received the reply) notices the mistake. If they notice, that is. Depending on the conversation at hand, this could be a slight speed bump or a total disaster. With Velo, you won’t have to worry about being left out in the dark. Channel-based chats sort your conversations by the people in them, so any replies made within a channel will go to the entire group. No reply–all necessary. 

3. Find files faster. Way faster.

When’s the last time you went to look for a file from a client and found yourself digging through several different email threads for the right or most current file? No matter how organized you try to be, you don’t always have full control over who sends what where. 
With Velo, all exchanged media and files are stored neatly in chronological order within your tray. Just a single tap and you’ll be face-to-face with every document you’ve ever sent or received from someone. It’s like feng shui for your file storage!

4. Collaborate in real-time.

Brainstorming, asking or answering questions, and sending files can be a real hurry-up-and-wait kind of situation with email. So stop refreshing your inbox and make the switch to instant messaging, where your chats load automatically in real-time.
With Velo, your communications appear as they come – no reloading required. Plus, Velo applets allow you to work together with your team and clients in the moment, as if you’re sitting next to each other.
  • Nail down your to-dos with interactive Checklists, allowing all involved to add and reorder items, or check them off the list!
  • Create a personalized Countdown to celebrate an upcoming launch, budget your time on a given task, or stay on top of deadlines.
  • Use Scoreboards to gamify and manage your team goals.

Whatever it is you’re working on, do more of it together.

5. Never get lost in the shuffle again. 

Regardless of how fastidious you are with your email inbox, you will end up on random e-mail lists. Whether it’s a cold pitch from a company you’ve never heard of, an
nouncements from software companies you use, or a newsletter from that blog you checked out once – it will happen. The unfortunate thing about unsolicited mail is that it has a tendency to overwhelm our inboxes (and us!). 
With Velo, you can forget about batch-deleting pages of unread emails or sifting through your inbox for items of substance. With invite-only channels, spam will become a thing of the past… and you can get back to focusing on what ma
tters: your best work.

Velo Industries is on a mission to revolutionize messaging for business. Grab Velo today (for iOSAndroid and Chrome) and start enjoying the future. Your clients and team will love you for it.

Cartoon image is excerpted from My Email is a Monster at The Oatmeal and is the copyright of Matthew Inman.