Velo in the Chronicle Herald

A very good piece on Velo by Entrevestor’s Peter Moreira.

Eventually we said, “Let’s make a 21st century messaging system.”

Velo operates on the principle that people don’t like emails because they’re cumbersome and inefficient.

What Velo has done is create a messaging service in which a small business can communicate easily with its team, clients or other stakeholders. It allows a simple addition of names and lets the users determine their groups. Lawyers, designers, contractors or mentors can all slot into their own groups, and users can create Velo groups for special projects

Velo on iPhone - (c) 2017 Velo Industries.png

Velo Industries is on a mission to revolutionize messaging for business. Grab Velo today (for iOSAndroid and Chrome) and start enjoying the future. Your clients and team will love you for it.