Velo Chrome Is Here!

Velo Chrome - Blog - (c) Velo Industries.jpeg

We just released a new and improved Velo. This is our second upgrade since the original release on Valentine’s Day. Every upgrade adds exciting new features.

Today we’re happy to announce:

  • Velo now runs on the desktop, in Chrome. Since Velo already ran on iPhone, iPad and Android, we’re now fully cross-platform. Get on Velo Chrome here.
  • Our new Memo applet makes it easy to create rich text posts in Velo Chrome.
  • The invitation flow is much nicer and more powerful.
  • Plus lots of performance improvements.

On top of that, we just launched a new website too. Check it out!

Velo Industries is on a mission to revolutionize messaging for business. Grab Velo today (for iOSAndroid and Chrome) and start enjoying the future. Your clients and team will love you for it.